6 Week Transformation Challenge is all about providing you possibility to feel better, move freely and look leaner. 

In this Challenge we are going to have 6 days of exercising per week. Each Workout is 20 - 30 minutes. 

We are going to awaken all small muscles, stretch and elongate whole body and you will have much better control over your body through movement. 

✨ BEGINNER BABES ✨  Please listen to your body and take additional rest days as needed. You can stretch this challenge over 8 or 10 weeks. Make it work best for you! 

I’m so happy you are joining me let´s get started with DAY 1!

  • DAY 24_Stretching flow

    Welcome to pilates flow stretching workout. You know how much I love stretching and always emphasise the importance of good stretching workout. Today we have flow stretching, which means that transitions are very smooth and easy. Relax your mind, breath deeply and let´s stretch together...join me...

  • DAY 25_Cardio Pilates_30 min

    Get ready for 30 minutes of intense, dynamic and fast pace workout. This class is going to get your heart rate up and to break a sweat. Drink as much water as you can today during the day and make healthy food choices. Join me on the mat and let´s get started.

  • DAY 26_Arms and Back Workout

    Welcome to Back and Arms workout. Today we’re going to use weight, or if you don’t have 1 kg dumbbells take two small bottles of water. Strong arms are important for carrying things around, lifting, better movement and back protection. Also, strength training exercises for your arms, even with so...

  • DAY 27_MOVE Whole Body Pilates

    This workout is focusing on whole body and is great for those who are just beginning with pilates. But also in some points it can be challenging even if you are on advanced level, if you implement pilates principles. I don't count during workout, so you should think of quality of the move and go ...


    Welcome to FULL BODY WORKOUT with focus on Core and Spine mobility.
    For this exercise you will need no equipment, only your mat.

  • DAY 29_Pilates Boxing Workout

    Today we have intense boxing pilates fusion. It’s full body workout and cardio burn, which means it will get your heart rate up and burn some extra calories. It´t great for sculpting your arms, shoulder, abs and booty.

  • DAY 30_Mobility Stretching

  • DAY 31_HIIT Pilates

    Today we have two completely different forms of exercising combined together / it´s called HIIT Pilates.
    HIIT is High intensity interval training, and we do short bursts and alternate with low-intensity movements. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on improving strength and flexibility which mak...

  • DAY 32_Legs and Booty Workout

    Welcome to legs and booty pilates class. Today we will focus on lower body, in order to sculpt and tone your legs, and to lift that booty. Roll out your mat and join me…

  • DAY 33_Full Body Pilates Class

    This is FULL BODY PILATES for Stretching and body Strengthening - for this workout you will need no equipment. Enjoy this exercise and stay positive and healthy!

  • DAY 34_ABS Pilates class

    Welcome to ABS PILATES CLASS. If you want a strong core and flat belly this workout is perfect for you. We are going to focus on activating your core and engaging your abdominal muscles. We don't need any equipment, except off course your mat. Join me in this perfect toning workout for your abs.

  • DAY 35_HIIT Pilates

    Welcome to HIIT & Pilates fusion class. Just to remind you HIIT Pilates is a combination of two completely different forms of exercising. HIIT is High intensity interval training, while pilates is low intensity and focuses on improving flexibility, which makes these 2 types of exercising perfect ...

  • DAY 36_Yogilates

    Welcome to YOGILATES workout. This is pilates Yoga Fusion class, aimed to help you to tone and strengthen your body. This workout will speed up your metabolism, get your heart rate up, stretch your back and strengthen leg and core muscles. To start your day in the best possible way do this workou...