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  • DAY 10_Stretching Detox Pilates

    This class is created to help you to release the toxins out of your system. How are we going to do this? With lots of twisting which provide an internal massage to the organs. At the same time we are going to stretch muscles and help you to release the stress and tension.

  • Stretching flow

    You know how much I love stretching and always emphasise the importance of good stretching workout. Today we have flow stretching, which means that transitions are very smooth and easy. Relax your mind, breath deeply and let´s stretch together... Join me on the mat.

  • Yogilates_20 min

    This class is combination of YOGA na Pilates. It integrates the core strengthening and alignment principles of Pilates with the practice of yoga. It will be challenging but at the same time relaxing. Roll out your mat and join me in Yogilates class.

  • DAY 13_Stretching and Core Strengthening

    Stretching is very important and helps you to remove muscle stiffness and to relax your body.
    Also, we already talked about core and you know that I always emphasise important of strong core.
    Let's repeat today what you should do to activate your core.
    You have to activate your core when we perf...

  • DAY 5_Yogilates

    This is pilates Yoga Fusion class, aimed to help you to tone and strengthen your body. This workout will speed up your metabolism, get your heart rate up, stretch your back and strengthen leg and core muscles. To start your day in the best possible way do this workout first thing in the morning.