Weekly Plan 🗓️

Weekly Plan 🗓️

This is your Weekly Plan. You have five videos, one for each day of exercise. Two days in week are rest days. If you are beginner take no more than three classes per week. Make your schedule and stick to it. Perseverance is most important. I believe in you ✨

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Weekly Plan 🗓️
  • Strength and Control

    Today I want you to focus on the control, to feel your muscles filling up with blood, with every exercise. So, don’t rush, don’t count, do it as slow as possible and let's make our bodies stronger.

  • Yogilates_20 min

    This class is combination of YOGA na Pilates. It integrates the core strengthening and alignment principles of Pilates with the practice of yoga. It will be challenging but at the same time relaxing. Roll out your mat and join me in Yogilates class.

  • HIIT and Pilates

    HIIT and Pilates is a combination of two completely different forms of exercising. HIIT is High intensity interval training, while pilates is low intensity and focuses on improving flexibility, which makes these 2 types of exercising perfect together. Workout is structured by 2 circles, we repeat...

  • Abs and Core workout

    This workout will target your belly fat but don’t forget, if you really want to get rid of this stubborn fat on your belly, it should be followed by a special belly fat meal plan. Join me on the mat.

  • Yogalates_Stretch and Strengthen with intention

    Welcome to this beautiful nature, which I hope you will enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed filming at this location for you.
    In this class, we are focusing on our mind as much as on our body. In order to have the best of your workout I want you to set your intentions for whit practice. Think abo...